Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our first day using frit and an enameling kiln we worked on creating thin wafers that could go in and out of a preheated kiln in about 10 minutes. When they were cooled each student used and embellished their wafers on a 4 x 4 clear piece of Bullseye glass.
I taught this technique to show how glass moves in such a small volume. The two pieces on top are wafers that I made and I also made the same sifting on a piece of clear and fired that to show the difference. Only in creating a wafer first can you achieve certain effects.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People have read my blog!

I have just been chastized because I have not updated my blog in a while. Well, I pretty much thought that I was writing to myself. However, I have now come to realize a few of you have actually read it and as astonishing as that is actually want to know what I am doing. Maybe in a good way, unlike Twitter or facebook, I do not have to be faced with the fact that I have very few friends because there is not a counter of everyone who reads my blog....this is good for the ego.

I have just completed my second day of teaching at Florida State University Master Craftsmen Studio. It is really beginning to warm up after an initial slow start on Monday where at first I thought it was going to be one student! It would have been a good student but you do want to mix it up a bit. There are a dedicated 4 students with various volunteers wandering in.

We are playing with frit. Since this class is marketed toward Art Educators I try and put together a class that uses few supplies and is more budget friendly. The budget is a difficult aspect with fused glass as the materials are expensive for the most par. My thought was that one can do many different techniques with black frit and white or clear glass. Also the class is representative of many of my own techniques that are incorporated into my glass.

Today we worked with the lightbox and with frit as a medium to "paint" with. Tomorrow we will work on silkscreening. Big Fun!