Monday, July 30, 2012


I am not sure I really get Pinterest.  I mean I understand it is sort of like a bulletin board where you collect things you like.  As an artist, I guess I could collect images that inspire me.  As a person who loves to cook, I could collect recipes.
I did sign up. However, amid the thousands of passwords I am supposed to remember, make them all unique, and change them all the time, I don't remember my password.  Nor do I really know where to go to find all these inspiring things. Actually the best place is Pinterest.  So that is funny to me, I could go look at all the things other people have put on their bulletin boards and then repin them to mine.  I don't know, it just seems easier to look at everyone else's boards.
Some people are doing a magnificent job of collecting terrific images.  A couple of my images have even been collected.  I think that is flattering.  But here is one of the problems, I am on the computer too much anyway!  In order to find cool things to pin, I would have to be trolling the internet to find them.
I guess I am drawing a line in the sand here and saying , for me, enough is enough and I am just going to be a voyeur and look at what you have been wasting time collecting...sorry.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not just glass....a bucket list

Disclaimer: this blog is no longer just about glass. Why is that you ask? Well, my art is personal, it is about me, it reflects what I think, see, and feel, therefore my blog will reflect that. When I thought I would write about just glass I realized I WASN'T WRITING ANYTHING! However, I was thinking about a lot of things that I didn't then have a place to write them...hence the disclaimer.

The Bucket List
 Now that that is off my chest I will write about what I was thinking about. A friend posted a comment about her bucket list. She added living in Paris to her bucket list and knowing her it would not surprise me to see her do that. So I questioned myself about my bucket list and I realized that I do not have one. Not only do I not have a bucket list of things to do or places to see before I die, I have no real desire to have one. I think I am the feather of "Forest Gump", floating to what will be will be. I just don't want the stress of making a huge goal and not accomplishing it. I am not a stress lover, nor a perfectionist. I do not want to create any obstacle for myself. I am just happy to get up in the morning and like the floating feather decide what, where, and how to amuse myself for that day.  I know that sounds indulgent and it is.  It doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to go to Italy or do something exotic or that I won't do those things, it just means that I don't want to deal with the disappointment if I don't.
I know that some would look at this as cowardly, or that I am not taking charge of my life but I don't think so.  I have known great happiness and great and painful sorrow and disappointment.  I realized that it is the small moments in life that mean the most to me, the everyday, the little touches, smiles, laughs, and moments that sometimes pass unnoticed.  I am trying to notice them.  That is what my work is about as well.

So there, I brought it all back to the glass after all!