Thursday, January 2, 2014

It is the new year, 2014, wow.  I don't want to make this a resolution to write more often, I will just say it is an idea. 

I have a couple of things rolling around that I would like to think about doing.  One of them is to take a class from Keke Cribbs at Pilchuck.  It is two weeks and expensive.  First of all I have always loved her work.  I love the color, but mostly I love the story aspect of her work.  I love that she is not tied to a medium but to an idea.  I love working with glass but I have a vague feeling that I have been bumping my head on a "glass" ceiling. I am not sure if my feeling is a limitation of my creative ability and imagination or more of a log jam that needs to get cleared out.  I may not be able to fix that all by myself.  That is what makes me wonder that taking the class from KeKe might be the kick I need.  If nothing else it might make the answer to the question clearer to me.

The other thing is that I am constantly being asked to teach classes.  I have done it in my small studio.  But if I do that I am not actually able to work myself.  I signed up to do our local outdoor show this year so that is on my plate.  But that is not my only hesitation.  I have not taken a billion classes. I have been pretty holed up in my studio.  Therefore, I haven't learned all the latest and greatest.  I will have to do some work, experimentation, and testing before I really feel like I can do a good job with that.  I mean I obviously know the nuts and bolts but I would like to offer some information on current ideas.

Well, there you have it, two ideas...rolling around, kind of like marbles.  They are not really going any where exactly.