Thursday, March 17, 2011

It was the Right Decision!

Oh, to go, to go, or not to go that was the question. “Go where?” you ask. In 2009 like a lightning bolt from the sky, I received an email from Steve Klein, to ask whether or not I was interested in joining several other glass artists at Pilchuck for a week residency. In that case, there was no question. After gathering myself off the floor, I jumped up and down and said “Yes, Yes, I will go!

Six and a half hours through the air, I arrived in Seattle and began my trek to Pilchuck Glass School. It was a wonderful experience. Now, in 2011, I haven’t seen any of these people in almost 2 years!

But, what happened there and what happened at the next session of 2010, (I wasn’t able to go to because it was the exact same weekend as Michael and Dianne’s wedding,) became the subject for a show at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner, WA. Actually, it didn’t just happen; Steve Klein and Richard Parrish worked hard to make it happen. I don’t know all the details, hand wringing, sleepless nights, or arm twisting that went into the whole thing. All I know is that Steve and Richard strongly encouraged me to submit some work for the show and miraculously a show came together. Actually, I do know that Steve, Richard, Kathleen Moles of MoNA, and Lani McGregor of Bullseye, were all working very hard on making all of our dreams come true. I also know that there were many other little elves involved.

So the question was, “Do I go? Do I take the time and expense to travel to the other side of the continent for an opening? I haven’t seen these people in almost 2 years, some I have never met. Even then I had only been with them for a week.” I decided to go. For some reason, I had a feeling that it was important. I had a feeling that I would be so glad that I did go. I don’t know, I thought that these were my people. They spoke a similar language. So off I flew, and then drove an hour and forty-five minutes to the cutest little town of LaConner, Washington.

I couldn’t have imagined the affection that I felt as I hugged each of my past residency partners and even a few who I only knew through Facebook from the 2010 group. As each day and event passed it only reinforced that my decision was right. I had made the right decision. The group was nurturing, encouraging, and most of all great fun to be around. It was just wonderful to see everyone and everyone felt the same way! All I can really say at this point is “THANK YOU”.