Sunday, August 28, 2016

I wore a new Shirt and where it lead me thinking.

I wore a new shirt.   It is a t-shirt that a friend had printed at one of those companies that does that for artists and then the artist makes a pittance when you order their shirt to support them.  I didn't wash it.  Anyway, I wore a new shirt while I was cleaning the duplex getting it ready for new tenants. I didn't have too much to do, but it is summer here in North Florida and it is hot.  The air-conditioning was set at 80.  I worked up a little "glow" as they say down here.
I noticed that I was a little itchy.  I just thought it was from the "glow"; no, really sweat.  I got home at around 5:00 pm.  I was really itchy.  I don't know why I didn't take that shirt off the minute I got home.  Maybe, I thought that if I cooled down, it would get better.  No.  It didn't.  It got worse. By the time I took the shirt off I was a big red, itchy mess.  That was on the 11th.  

Here we are on the 28th and I am still itchy.  Not as bad but now I am kind of scabby in places on my back.  Okay that is TMI.  I took Benadryl.  I have used Benadryl cream.  I have used Cortisone Cream.  They have all helped to some extent.  I am still itchy.  Not so bad that it wakes me up anymore but I don't want anything rubbing on me. 

I used to get incredible debilitating allergy attacks before I did the whole shot thing.  When my histamines get going they don't want the party to end....ever. It takes drugs to finally throw them down.  I guess my arsenal of over-the-counter meds is just not enough.  I am hoping to rectify that.  Because those babies are back and are like "Hey, you haven't let us out in a long time and we want to Par T!"

Now this situation has caused me to make some modifications in my everyday undergarments.  I have replaced the giant rubber-band of a brassiere for a camisole style t-shirt. You would think that it would be considerably warmer considering there is a full shirt that you are wearing under another shirt.  On the contrary, it is pretty comfy.  

Somehow in contemplating this change of attire I began to think about how did we end up with the clothing that we have.  I mean who decided that women need to defy gravity with their breasts.  Why do they have to be rigged up to our chins in an unmoveable cup with just the right amount of jiggle on the top....for the guys.  Not only that.  I mean now they have little "daisys" in the cup to make sure that the nipple doesn't show.  

I am not saying this in a judgemental way, but some guys have a bit of breast and nipple action going on and no one cares or even thinks it is indecent.   So where has this come from?  Men? Then we have the issue in France where there was the whole Burkini up roar.  First we show too much and now we show to little. I mean who is the "decider" here?  Men are not required to cover up their breasts or their nipples.  You know they look very similar....sometimes more than not. Okay, women use them to nurse their children but people get really hinky about that too.  So it is okay to see male's useless nipples but not a woman's nipples, whether they are in use or not.  A woman can wear a teeny weeny bikini and show her whole breast but not the areola or the nipple. Somehow the whole breast is okay...just not the nipple.  Lets not forget, we can see them in  National Geographic magazine if they are aboriginal nipples.  I guess they are different.  (why do you think those boys were hiding those magazines under the bed?!)

Then I started to think way outside of the circle and I thought isn't weird that we worry about seeing the nipple through the clothes so the bra companies have devised a little shield in the bra to prevent them from "poking" out too much.  Yet, women who have gone through breast augmentation due to cancer surgery pay extra to have a nipple so they still look like breasts. I mean, I get it.  No judgement what so ever.   Then they put on bras that make the nipples invisible.  We are conditioned.  We are so weird. 


MB said...

Agreed. It is insane what we let "others" dictate to us. I am as guilty of this as anyone, and I find it confusing to figure out how to raise my daughters to be confident in themselves, without feeling like they have to reveal more than they want, or less than they want.

Lesley said...

Today in the New York Times was an article about an Israeli singer being asked to leave the stage because her open shirt and bra were immoderate. I thought about the sign "No shirt, No shoes, no service". Why do we as women feel that we need to show all that? She says because it was hot. But that isn't it really, is it? Imagine if an alien came to the planet and asked about the clothing rules... it would be pretty hard to explain!