Sunday, June 26, 2016

I have been struggling with glass for almost 8 years.  What I mean by that is that I have been having trouble finding my voice with it.  Glass is hard.  It doesn't want to easily be sculptural when you are working with it as a kiln casting material and not blowing. There is carving the castable piece, making a duplicate model of it, and then making a plaster mold.  Each of these steps is arduous and fraught with failure.  

Along with that trip up, a family tragedy squashed my mojo. 

Now there is a crazy level of environmental concern for the manufacture of glass.  It has effected both the manufacturer that I use, Bullseye Glass but also others such as Uroboros. Spectrum glass in Washington state, announced they were giving up the ghost.  Bullseye is soldiering on and doing everything in their power to abide by the demands of all the governmental entities.  This has cost them money and thus they must increase the cost of their glass by 12.5%.  All the while, most customers have no idea.
Living on the East coast, we are at a disadvantage as the cost of shipping the material to us is over 10%.  Living in a small town with very little sales outlets we must ship our work to galleries, again another 10% hit.  This for a material that is already one of the most expensive mediums out there.  
Maybe this is a bit of sour grapes but all of this together has led me to question my desire to continue with glass.
Then the gallery calls and wants more...what is a person to do.  ARRRRGH!
Left in a quandary. 

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